John Holst

John Holst – Weekend Host

John Holst

Weekends 10 pm to midnight

I love being a part of The Biggest Family Room in Wisconsin and am so grateful I get to spend weekend evenings with you! I was born in Wisconsin, but my family moved to The Gambia, a small country in West Africa, when I was 1. I was blessed to spend 6 years of childhood in Africa climbing and falling out of trees, avoiding crazy snakes and bugs, and learning about God’s love. From the time I was young, I knew that I wanted to spend my life telling others about how amazing Jesus is. I spent hours in my room as a child building Legos and listening to Christian music.

In high school I randomly took a broadcasting production class and thought it would be an easy credit to help me graduate. Little did I know God would use that class to ignite a passion for radio and broadcasting! I went to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and developed an even deeper love for Christ.

I met my wife in the student dining room while we were both students. We got married in December of 2020 and have enjoyed several amazing years together. During my time at Moody, I had the honor of interning with Moody Radio and Focus on the Family. I love hiking, biking, and drinking fancy (snobby) coffee and espresso in my free time. I enjoy connecting with listeners across Wisconsin and learning about their “right song at the right time” moment. Thanks for spending your Sunday evenings with me.