Donna Cruz – Weekend Host

Donna Cruz

Saturdays 3-7 pm, Sundays 12-4 pm

Do you ever wonder what people are saying about you when you’re not around? For me, I hope “they” use the word PASSIONATE. It’s the way I love to live. I’m married to a terrific guy, Don. Yes… we are Don and Donna. We always joke that we did it on purpose to make it easy for new friends to remember us! We’ve both raised our own children and in 2010 life got REAL and we are raising two others now.

Years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a handful of like-minded friends and was able to start a homeless ministry serving a tent city. When the two little ones came along that season of life was over, but it gave me tremendous insight on the plight of the homeless and mentally ill. I didn’t really know Jesus until I was an adult and I wouldn’t know what to do without Him now! I love His grace and mercy and the fact that He is not only a God of second chances, but next chances. If we haven’t met yet, please reach out!