88.5 The Family Listener Schedule

Weekday Mornings Weekday Afternoons Weekday Evenings
12:00am - Music with Kathy K.

2:00am - The Alternative
Tony Evans 

5:00am - Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll

5:30am - 9:00am Morning Show with Garrett Michaels
Music! Homeword Snapshot with Jim Burns, Parenting Todays' Teens with Mark Gregston, The Point with John Stonestreet, Lighten Up with Ken Davis, Hey HowardMy Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson

9:00am - Family Life Today
with Dennis Rainey & Bob Lepine

9:30am - Focus on the Family
with Jim Daly & John Fuller

10:00am to Noon -  Music with Julie Anne

Noon - Mid-Days with Julie Anne  
Music! The Point with John Stonestreet, Real Family Life with Dennis Rainey

12:35pm - A New Beginning
Greg Laurie

1:00pm - 3:00 PM Mid-Days with Julie Anne

3:00pm - 6:00pm Afternoons with Todd Christopher

Music! Question Impossible,  Lighten UpParenting Today's Teens, Hey Howard, Real Family Life, State Headlines, Plugged In Movie Reviews (Tue & Fri at 5:50pm), The Recipe Lady (Fri. 4:35), My Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson,

6:00pm - Kid's Korner & Adventures in Odyssey
with Patty Ulrich

6:30pm - Music with Carrie Kolbeck

8:00pm - Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll

9:00pm - Family Life Today
Dennis Rainey & Bob Lepine

9:30 pm - Focus on the Family
Jim Daly & John Fuller

9:30pm - Music

12:00pm - Overnight with Kathy K.

Saturdays Sundays
12:00am - Music with Raymond C

5:00am - CCM Radio Magazine

6:00am - Music with Garrett Michaels

9:00am - Kid's Korner & Adventures in Odyssey  with Patty Ulrich

9:30am - Jonathon Park Adventures

10:00am - Weekend Top 20 Countdown

12:00pm - 5pm  Music with Julie Anne

5:00pm - CCM Radio Magazine

6:00pm - 12a  Music with Carrie Kolbeck

12:00am - Music with Kathy K.

6:00am - Sunday Praise Music with Todd Christopher

8:00am - Forward in Faith-Loren Livingston

8:30am - Renewing Your Mind  -R. C. Sproul

9:00am - Worship with Andy Chrisman

Noon - Weekend Top 20 Countdown

2:00pm - Music w/Raymond C

6:00pm - Music with Mark Bystrom

9:00pm - White Horse Inn

10:00pm - Unshackled

10:30pm - Music with Mark Bystrom


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