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Brie Bites and More

Athens Mini-Phyllo Shells (freezer section/desserts)
Brie Cheese, rind removed, or spreadable Brie works well too.

Remove mini shells from box/plastic tray and place on baking sheet
Skin the Brie and place a small chunk (1/2 inch square) in each shell

*Top with 1 scant teaspoon of:
Raspberry, Mango or Apricot Salsa or
Pepper jelly or
good chopped cherry jam (only ¼ tsp. of the jam)

Bake at 350° until light brown, about 8 minutes

* No exact amount of cheese or topping….whatever looks right. I tested a couple in the microwave to see what I liked, about 8 seconds does it.


These are also wonderful with shredded Gruyere (Swiss style) cheese in place of the Brie and Dalmatia Fig spread.

Athens Mini Phyllo Shells are a party waiting to happen!
~ Fill them with taco meat, sprinkle with cheese, add salsa, bake and serve with dot of sour cream.
~ I hear they’re perfect for baking Hot Crab Dip or Spinach Artichoke Dip-just spoon the mixture into the tiny cups and bake individual servings!
~ Fill with Guacamole and add a bit of roasted red pepper or a shrimp for Christmas.
~ Fill with whipped cream cheese, a dab of shrimp sauce and fresh shrimp.
~ Chicken Salad.
~ Go Greek-spoon in plain or flavored Hummus, add a sprinkle of crumbled Feta cheese and top with an olive!

~ And we haven’t started on the dessert possibilities!

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