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Omelets in a Bag

  1 quart-size Ziploc Freezer bag for each omelet
  2-3 eggs per omelet
  diced ham or crisp crumbled bacon
  diced onion 
  diced sweet green or red pepper 
  sliced mushrooms
  shredded cheese
  salt and pepper

Over a fire, camp stove, or on your stove, get a large pot of water boiling.
Write everyone’s name on a quart size Ziploc bag with a permanent marker.
Open a bag, and break 2-3 eggs in it. Mush them together to “scramble” your eggs.
Add cheese (2-3 Tblsp.), ham bits, veggies, or whatever you like in your own omelet.
Squeeze all the air out that you can, and then zip it shut.
Don't forget to squeeze out the air, or bag might break while omelet’s cooking.
Let it cook for about 5 minutes, or check it when you think it's done.
Use tongs to remove bags from pot of water.
Carefully open bag, and the omelet rolls out on your plate!
Serve with toppings, if you like.

- Clean up is a snap! -Great for camp outs, slumber parties, and when the relatives visit.


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