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Christmas Soup or Salad

T’was the day after Christmas, leftovers exploded - and by now your waistline may have too! Recipe Lady, you ask, whatever will we do!?

In many homes, the New Year couldn’t ring in without a pot of Bean Soup made with that holiday ham bone. I use the recipe on the back of the bag of dried beans. 7 bean mix, 14? Always include some garlic and maybe a little chili powder for kick.

If ham or turkey graced your Christmas table, a tetrazzini, made with homemade or bottled white pasta sauce …throw in the leftover broccoli, or peas, or carrots!!! Turkey Tetrazzini is on the website.

Or, how about a salad? Start with fresh greens or spinach, chop up that leftover veggie tray, add some walnuts or pecans, and fruit…mango, strawberries, fresh or individually frozen raspberries, pineapple chunks, orange sections??? Toss with a poppy seed vinaigrette or my favorite – Newman’s Own Light Raspberry Walnut when there’s fruit in salad. “Sensational Salad” is on the website and offers more direction.

Remember, a fresh salad bar with chopped meat tonight makes a great kettle of soup or a stir fry tomorrow night. How many days can you reinvent this?

And don’t forget Shepherd’s Pie, any casserole, or a quick ethnic dish that allows you to add something fresh and completely “make over” and disguise the original dishes.

May God ‘fill’ you with His love and ‘satisfy’ you with His goodness.

Happy New Year ~The Recipe Lady.


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