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Pumpkin Preserves

From the kitchen of WGNV's Kathy Kexel

4 pounds pumpkin (pie pumpkins are best; jack-o-lantern pumpkins are too stringy)
2 pounds sugar
2 to 3 lemons
2 to 3 oranges
½ teaspoon salt
1 dozen whole cloves

Wash pumpkin and peel rind.  Discard pulp, save seeds for roasting, if desired.  Cube flesh.  Layer pumpkin, sugar, salt and sliced lemons and oranges in a roasting pan.  Let sit overnight or at least eight hours refrigerated. 

Place roasting pan over medium heat.  Add cloves. Cook for at least two hours until pumpkin is transparent, mashing pumpkin and stirring frequently.  Ladle into hot, sterilized jars and water bath process.

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