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Chopped Salad

From the kitchen of Scott Timmers

Everything is diced into small pieces (except the carrots, which he shreds):
green onions (or onions)
carrots (shredded)
green pepper
green olives

Scott usually also adds chopped nuts (walnuts, pecans or even sunflower nuts).

He’s been known to add Morning Star’s prime griller veggie burgers, chopped, very good in the salad!

Can also add cubed or shredded cheese.

Black beans or garbanzo beans are a yummy addition, and add protein.

Toss all together with an equal mix of olive oil and Italian dressing to taste but be careful not to add too much as the veggies will add juice too.

Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top is awesome when serving.

It’s also wonderful served in pita pockets.

- A “chopped salad” simply means that all of the ingredients have been chopped uniformly and then either arranged on a platter or tossed together. The juices and flavors of fresh veggies, chilled meats, cheese, and herbs or seasonings meld together in a rich blend that cuts way down on the amount of dressing needed! Highly popular on either coast and easy to eat, you can add any combination of seasonal foods you enjoy or happen to have on hand. Or decide on a theme, Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian . . . get your creative juices flowing!
- This is a wonderful way to get children involved and teach them about flavor combinations, how to use kitchen tools . . . and they do eat more of what they’ve helped to prepare.

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