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Thai Coconut Pork

Sauce Mild Richer
light coconut milk 1 13.5 oz can 1 13.5 oz can
light brown sugar, packed 4 Tblsp. 1/3 cup
reduced-sodium soy sauce 2 Tblsp. 3 Tblsp.
ketchup 2 Tblsp. 3 Tblsp.
reduced-fat peanut butter 2 Tblsp. 3 Tblsp.
Thai fish sauce 2 Tsp. 1 Tblsp.
crushed red pepper 3/4 tsp. 1 tsp.
cilantro 4 Tblsp. fresh or 5 Tblsp. fresh or
  2 Tblsp. dried 3 Tblsp. dried
Asian sesame oil (dark) 2 tsp. 1 Tblsp.
minced garlic 2 cloves 3 cloves

Mix all sauce ingredients in a heavy bottomed sauce pan and heat to a simmer. Continue stirring and heating until it's hot and thickened.

Meantime - rub 6 pork chops (or chicken breasts) with a bit of garlic and sesame oil. Grill over hot coals, just until juicy, tender, and juices are clear.

Serve grilled meat with rice, a little yummy sauce drizzled over both! Add a green salad and steamed broccoli or asparagus to make the perfect meal.

- We love this recipe, and broiled meat in the winter is as good as grilled in the summer.
- Recipe adapted from a Weight Watchers favorite for Coconut-Curry Pork Satay.

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