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Terrific Turkey Pitas

Fill pita pockets with shaved turkey, alfalfa sprouts and grated carrots.
Top with honey mustard dressing.

-Spread plain or flavored tortillas with salad dressing or flavored cream cheese.

Or blend a 3-ounce package of cream cheese with 2 Tbls. of Western dressing, Ranch dressing or dry Ranch dressing mix. (Cream cheese holds them together and keeps them from getting soggy)

-Fill with chopped veggies, onion, sliced black olives, chopped tomato, broccoli, spinach or lettuce, shredded carrots, cucumber, green or red pepper strips or zucchini...for a Veggie wrap.

-Use thinly sliced meats or cheese or shredded cheese. Don't forget the lettuce and tomato!

-Use shredded cheese and pop in the micro wave for a minute. Cheese will act like "glue' so children's wraps don't come unwrapped!

-Fill pita pockets with chicken or egg salad and spinach leaves.

-Wrap up a B.L.T. for a new treat!

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