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The Family 30-Day Challenge!
Here at The Family, we know life can be so busy that spending time with God can be a challenge.  We'd like to help!   What if you could start 2016 in a new way and be able to focus more on God too?  That's where The Family 30-Day Challenge comes in.

Now this isn't a resolution, but a challenge to tune out the surrounding noise and entertainment and "tune in" to God.  The Family 30-Day Challenge is simple!  For the next 30 Days would you commit to listening to only uplifting and encouraging music like you hear on The Family?  For 30 Days let God speak to you through the music and programming that helps you build healthy relationships and see what kind of difference it makes!  Who knows--maybe the outcome of listening to The Family for 30 Days will last a lifetime.

Are you Ready to Accept the Challenge?
In a few days, you will be able to sign up here on our website for The Family 30-Day Challenge saying "I'm in" in 2016!  There will be a short on-line form available soon and you'll also be in a drawing for a great prize! We'll be sharing what it is as we get closer to January 1st.

If you can't start The Family 30-Day Challenge on January worries!  It's not about a date on a calendar.  You can start The Family 30-Day Challenge today if you want!

During The Family 30-Day Challenge, you can share how it's going and how God is speaking to you (it would encourage others taking The Family 30-Day Challenge too).  We'll also be sharing words of encouragement to you during the The Family 30-Day Challenge on Facebook and Twitter.

So check back in a couple days before January 1st and sign up for The Family 30-Day Challenge.  Oh, and tell your family and friends...they can sign up too!

A fresh start is waiting for you in 2016 through The Family 30-Day Challenge.
The Family - Helping you build healthy relationships The Family - Helping you build healthy relationships
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